St Columba's Day on the Isle of Canna

From: June 9th 2018 until June 9th 2018

The geography and rich archaeology of the Isle of Canna suggest to some that this may be Hinba, a monastery estabished by Colmcille.

Church of Ireland commemorates Columba in Gartán

From: June 10th 2018 until June 10th 2018

Every year the Church of Ireland commemorates St Columba in an open-air service in Gartán, the birthplace of Columba, or Colmcille.

The Feast day of Colmcille in Gleann

From: June 9th 2018 until August 15th 2018

The ancient pilgrimage will take place in Gleann Cholmcille Cille on the 9th June, starting at midnight on the 8th, and again at midday on the 9th.

Developing Slighe Chaluim Chille

From: June 27th 2015 until June 28th 2015

Conference in Campbeltown and field trip on St Columba Trail; special sailing from Ballycastle

Re-enactment of Medieval Pilgrimage

From: June 9th 2015 until June 9th 2015

On the 9th May, the Feastday of St Columba, the ancient pilgrimage will be re-enacted in the city of Derry.