The Abbot of Iona's Story

25 February 2019

We have hundreds of stories about Colmcille, and they tell us much about where the storyteller came from and what was important for the storyteller and for the audience. The earliest surviving life of the saint was written by the abbot of Iona, St Adhamhnán. The abbot wrote in Latin and hoped to strengthen the fame of Columba in the church internationally, in Northumbria and on the European mainland as well as Iona. This is the first article by Brian Lacey about accounts of the life of the saint that were written in the thousand years after his death.

Leac na Cumhaidh

7 December – Colmcille’s birthday

4 December 2018

The 7 December is commemorated as the birth date of Saint Colum Cille. We don’t know how far back that tradition goes – birth certificates did not exist in Ireland in the 6th century!